How to load & run pipelines.

built-in pipelinesReady-made built-in pipelines
composabilityEncapsulate pipeline functionality in re-usable components.
config-show built-in pipelineDisplay current config settings & sources.
custom pype loaderCreate a custom pipeline loader to load pipelines from a different place.
echo built-in pipelineEcho input args to output.
magritte built-in pipelineA totally serious thought about pipes.
pipeline look-up orderpypyr looks for pipeline files & custom code modules on the filesystem in these directories.
pipeline shortcutsCreate re-usable shortcuts to pipeline run commands in config.
pypyrversion built-in pipelinePrint the pypyr & python version numbers.
run a pipeline with the pypyr cliHow to run a pypyr pipeline yaml from the cli
venv-create built-in pipelineCreate venvs with extra dependencies from a config file.
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