pypyr.parser.dict permalink

create a dict from key=value pair string permalink

Takes a key=value pair string and returns a dictionary (aka a map) where each pair becomes a dictionary element inside a dict with name argDict.

Escape literal spaces with single or double quotes.

example permalink

$ pypyr pipelinename param1=value1 param2="value 2" param3=value3

This will create a context dictionary like this:

{'argDict': {'param1': 'value1',
             'param2': 'value 2',
             'param3': 'value3'}}

Or to put in in yaml terms:

  param1: value1
  param2: value 2
  param3: value3

You can access the dict you create this way with formatting expressions:

context_parser: pypyr.parser.dict
  - name: pypyr.steps.echo
      echoMe: param2 value is {argDict[param2]}

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