install pypyr permalink

pip permalink

$ pip install pypyr

upgrades permalink

Use the standard pip upgrade switch:

$ pip install --upgrade pypyr

supported o/s permalink

pypyr runs on Linux, MacOS & Windows.

The automated CI process with 100% test coverage checks for cross-platform compatibility.

pypyr also runs on CI servers & containers - pretty much anywhere with a Python run-time will work.

Windows users, please don’t feel left out!

pypyr does run on Windows and the full automated test suite with 100% test coverage ensures Windows compatibility on every code change going into the main branch, same as for POSIX systems.

The documentation examples tend to show POSIX style paths & commands more so than Windows, but this is not a limitation in the pypyr tool itself, it’s down to time-constraints in producing exhaustive documentation.

If you have the time, feel free to help out open source software and contribute by improving the docs!

python version permalink

Tested against Python >=3.7

docker permalink

Stuck with an older version of python? Want to run pypyr in an environment that you don’t control, like a CI server somewhere?

You can use the official pypyr docker image as a drop-in replacement for the pypyr executable.

$ docker run pypyr/pypyr echo "Ceci n'est pas une pipe"
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