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Run anything on aws. No really, anything! If the aws api supports it, the pypyr aws plug-in supports it.

It’s a pretty easy way of invoking the aws api as a step in a series of steps without having to write code.

Why use this when you could just use the aws cli instead? The aws cli is all kinds of awesome, but I find more often than not it’s not just one or two ad hoc cli or aws api methods you have to execute - especially when automating and scripting you actually need to run a sequence of commands, where the output of a previous command influences what you pass to the next command.

Sure, you can bash it up, and I do that too, but running it as a pipeline via pypyr has actually made my life quite a bit easier because of not having to deal with conditionals, error traps and input validation.

pypyr is especially helpful with preparing the configuration inputs for aws function inputs. The json is pretty gnarly to work with from the cli and within a casual script, whereas with pypyr you can work with context, variable substitution and, critically, pretty much copy & paste from the AWS help documentation to get your inputs right.

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$ pip install --upgrade pypyraws

pypyraws depends on the pypyr cli & api core. The above pip will install it for you if you don’t have it already.

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  • authentication

    How to authenticate with AWS.

  • steps

    A listing of AWS built-in ready-made steps. Scroll through all pypyr’s AWS built-in steps here.

  • substitutions

    Use substitutions for string interpolation & dynamically setting values in the AWS client.

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