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wait for ecs state changes permalink

Run me after an ecs task run or stop to prepare an ecs waiter.

Prepares the awsWaitIn context key for pypyraws.steps.wait.

Available ecs waiters are:

  • ServicesInactive
  • ServicesStable
  • TasksRunning
  • TasksStopped

Full details here:

Use this step after any of the following ecs client methods if you want to use one of the ecs waiters to wait for a specific state:

  • describe_services
  • describe_tasks
  • list_services
    • specify awsEcsWaitPrepCluster if you don’t want default
  • list_tasks
    • specify awsEcsWaitPrepCluster if you don’t want default
  • run_task
  • start_task
  • stop_task
  • update_service

input context permalink

You don’t have to use this step, you could always just construct the awsWaitIn dictionary in context yourself. It just so happens this step saves you some legwork to do so.

Required context:

  • awsClientOut
    • dict. mandatory.
    • This is the context key that any ecs command executed by pypyraws.steps.client adds.
    • Chances are pretty good you don’t want to construct this by hand yourself - the idea is to use the output as generated by one of the supported ecs methods.
  • awsEcsWaitPrepCluster
    • string. optional.
    • The short name or full arn of the cluster that hosts the task to describe. If you do not specify a cluster, the default cluster is assumed. For most of the ecs methods the code automatically deduces the cluster from awsClientOut, so don’t worry about it.
    • But, when following list_services and list_tasks, you have to specify this parameter.
    • Specifying this parameter will override any automatically deduced cluster .arn

See a worked example for pypyr aws ecs here.

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