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You can use substitution tokens, aka string interpolation, where specified for context items. This substitutes anything between {curly braces} with the context value for that key.

This also works where you have dictionaries/lists inside dictionaries/lists. For example, if your context looked like this:

bucketValue: the.bucket
keyValue: dont.kick
moreArbText: wild
  serviceName: s3
  methodName: get_object
    Bucket: '{bucketValue}'
    Key: '{keyValue}'

This will run s3 get_object to retrieve file dont.kick from the.bucket.

  • Bucket: '{bucketValue}' becomes Bucket: the.bucket
  • Key: '{keyValue}' becomes Key: dont.kick

In json & yaml, curlies need to be inside quotes to make sure they parse as strings.

Escape literal curly braces with doubles: {{ for {, }} for }

Substitutions support much more powerful functionality, which you can find at text {substitution} formatting expressions.

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