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pypyr has a whole bunch of ready-made built-in steps to make your life easier. Making your own custom step is super easy too.

titledescriptioninput context
assertStop pipeline if item in context is not as expected.assert (dict)
callCall another step-group. Continue from the same place after the called groups complete.call (dict | str)
cmdRun any external program, command, script.cmd (dict | str)
contextclearRemove specified items from context.contextClear (list)
contextclearallWipe the entire context.
contextcopyCopy entire context keys.contextCopy (dict)
contextmergeMerges values into context, preserving the existing context hierarchy.contextMerge (dict)
contextsetfSet & format context keys.contextSetf (dict)
debugPretty print context to output.debug (dict)
defaultSet values if they do not exist already.defaults (dict)
echoEcho context value of echoMe to the output.echoMe (any)
envGet, set or unset $ENVs.env (dict)
envgetGet $ENVs & use a default fallback if they don’t exist.envget (list)
fetchjsonLoad json file into pypyr context.fetchJson (dict)
fetchyamlLoad yaml file into pypyr context.fetchYaml (dict)
fileformatFind & replace substitution {tokens} in any file.fileFormat (dict)
fileformatjsonFind & replace substitution {tokens} in a json file.fileFormatJson (dict)
fileformatyamlFind & replace substitution {tokens} in a yaml file.fileFormatYaml (dict)
filereplaceFind & replace any arbitrary search strings in a file.fileReplace (dict)
filewritejsonWrite payload to file in json format.fileWriteJson (dict)
filewriteyamlWrite payload to file in yaml format.fileWriteYaml (dict)
globGet paths from glob expression.glob (dict)
jsonparseParse json string into pypyr context.jsonParse (dict)
jumpJump to another step-group. The rest of the current step-group doesn’t run.jump (dict | str)
nowSaves current local date-time to context now.nowIn (str)
nowutcSaves current utc date-time to context nowUtc.nowUtcIn (str)
pathcheckCheck if paths exist on filesystem.pathCheck (list | str)
pyExecute inline python code.py or pycode (str)
pyimportUse external libraries in your !py expressions.pyImport (str)
pypeCall another pipeline from the current pipeline.pype (dict)
pypyrversionWrite current pypyr version number to output.
safeshellDeprecated alias for cmdcmd (dict | str)
shellRun commands in the default shell. Use for pipes, wildcards, $ENVs, ~cmd (dict | str)
stopStop pypyr entirely.
stoppipelineStop current pipeline.
stopstepgroupStop current step-group.
tarArchive and/or extract tars with/without compression. Supports gzip, bzip2 & lzma.tar (dict)
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