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Stop current step-group. Doesn’t run any success or failure handlers, it just stops the current step-group.

This is handy if you are using or pypyr.steps.jump to run different step-groups, allowing you to stop just a child step-group but letting the calling parent step-group continue.

You can always use pypyr.steps.stopstepgroup as a simple step, because it doesn’t need any input context properties.

If you use a Stop step-group instruction inside a failure handler it will stop processing at that point AND not quit reporting failure. Do this when you want to handle an error condition and not raise an error to the caller.

examples permalink

  - name:
        groups: arbgroup
  - name: pypyr.steps.echo
     echoMe: You'll see me because only arbgroup was stopped.

    - name: pypyr.steps.echo
        echoMe: this is arb group
    - pypyr.steps.stopstepgroup
    - name: pypyr.steps.echo
        echoMe: if you see me something is WRONG.

See a worked example to stop a step-group here.

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