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pypyr is fortunate to stand on the shoulders of giants in the shape of the excellent open-source software that makes everything that much easier. With great thanks & gratitude to:

bumpversionMITRelease semantic version increments.
check-manifestMITPyPI integrity checks.
coverageApache 2.0Code test coverage analysis.
docutilsBSDDocumentation processing for
flake8MITCode quality check & linting.
pygmentsBSDREADME + code comments processing & validation.
pytestMITTesting framework.
pytest-covBSD (MIT)Integrate coverage with pytest.
PythonPSFPython, beloved programming language.
python-dateutilApache + BSDDatetime extensions
ruamel.yamlMITYAML handling.
toxMITVirtual environments during CI/CD
twineApachePyPI publishing
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