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pypyr is an open source task-runner for automation pipelines. pypyr lets you script sequential tasks in a simple yaml format with conditional execution, loops, error handling and retries for any step in your pipeline.

Like a turbo-charged shell script, but less finicky. Less tricky than a makefile.

You can run loops, conditionally execute steps based on conditions you specify, wait for status changes before continuing, break on failure conditions or swallow errors.

Pretty useful for orchestrating continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) and devops operations.

pypyr runs as a simple CLI, or you can use it from your own code via the undemanding Python API.

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  • bermuda green #80cbc4
    • dark variant #4f9a94
  • bluebell #a59ad6
  • background: #121212

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the pypyr logo is pan the piper with a flute.
pypyr logomark

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pypyr logo with pypyr text.
pypyr logotype

The decorative font is Guapa, by Laura Meseguer from Type-Ø-Tones.

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pypyr 16x9 banner
pypyr 16x9 banner

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pypyr 4x3 banner
pypyr 4x3 banner

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pypyr 2x1 banner
pypyr 2x1 banner

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pypyr 1x1 banner
pypyr 1x1 banner
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