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You can control the flow of pypyr pipeline execution between step-groups with the following handy steps:

You can call other pipelines from within a pipeline with:

On top of this, you can control which individual steps should run or not using the conditional step decorators:

Looping happens on the step-level, using the following step decorators:

You can set a while or foreach loop on any given step, including on a call step or a pype step, which lets you call another step-group or an entire pipeline repeatedly in a loop.

control-of-flow instructions permalink

conditional logicHow to run or skip steps conditionally.
loopsHow to loop or iterate over a step.
assertStop pipeline if item in context is not as expected.
callCall another step-group. Continue from the same place after the called groups complete.
foreachRepeat step for each item in list.
jumpJump to another step-group. The rest of the current step-group doesn’t run.
pypeCall another pipeline from the current pipeline.
runRun this step only if condition True.
skipSkip this step if condition True.
stopStop pypyr entirely.
stoppipelineStop current pipeline.
stopstepgroupStop current step-group.
switchConditional branching for IF-THEN-ELSE control-of-flow.
whileRepeat step until stop condition is True or up to the maximum iteration count.
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