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globs, save cmd out, backwards compatible context change for multi-key steps permalink

Release Date: 2019-01-03T00:55:09Z

  • ATTENTION, FUTURE WARNING: all built-in steps that used to take multiple input keys now instead take a dict input. This makes life significantly easier if you re-run the step in the same pipeline in that you don’t have to clear down context before the subsequent step runs anymore.
    • The old-style is now deprecated - for the moment pypyr will make the old-style work seamlessly for you by creating the new keys under the hood for you and raising a warning without stopping, but be aware legacy support will be removed on the next major release.
    • Affected steps are:
      • assert
      • env
      • fileformat
      • fileformatjson
      • fileformatyaml
      • filereplace
      • tar
  • enable globbing on file format and file replace style steps. ref #58
  • pypyr.steps.debug for easy pretty print debugging to the console ref #95
  • contextsetf allows formatting on key now too, not just value, ref #96
  • pypyr.parser.dict to parse input key value pairs into a specified context key. ref #97
  • can save return code, stdout and stderr. ref #71
  • rename pypyr.steps.safeshell to pypyr.steps.cmd
    • the old name (safeshell) will keep on working as an alias for the new name.
    • the functionality is exactly the same, so this is not a breaking change.
    • hopefully “cmd” is less confusing than “safeshell” as to what it does, especially with contrast to
  • make built-in context parsers input arguments optional to allow pipelines with context_parsers to be executed with or without the 2nd argument from the cmd line. ref #69

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Released by yaythomas.

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