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Release Date: 2020-04-04T13:33:40Z

ATTENTION: Please start preparing all your pipelines to be ready for the next major release where in context arguments will be removed from context on step completion. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue. For any steps where you need to set enduring context, use contextsetf or contextset.

  • Allow using a call control-of-flow instruction nested inside while/for/retry loops. Previously a nested call instruction would over-write the parent call’s configuration and thus create confusion on the next loop round the parent. Much thanks 🙏 to @Reskov for identifying this tricky little recursion issue & assistance in resolution. Close #176
  • in context parameters only available for the duration of the step they decorate. Previously in items would be added to context and stay in context after the step finishes. This is a potentially breaking change for existing pipelines, but worth it, full discussion of reasons here #177.
    • For this release this change in functionality is not the default, but enabled by setting the following environment variable PYPYR_IN_CLEAN = 1. You can set it selectively on a single pypyr run using standard shell syntax like: $ PYPYR_IN_CLEAN=1 pypyr mypipeline arg1 arg2
    • README updates to document #177 resolution as the default behaviour - in context parameters cleaned from context on step completion to prepare for next major release with the breaking change..

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