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Release Date: 2020-08-17T19:27:51Z

  • BREAKING CHANGE: final deprecation of in args scope persisting after step execution. For full discussion please see #177.
    • Preview functionality where setting environment variable $PYPYR_IN_CLEAN = 1 is now the default. You can remove the $PYPYR_IN_CLEAN variable from this release onwards. Henceforth pypyr removes in args from context after step completes.
    • If you want to persist values in context beyond the current step, use pypyr.steps.contextsetf, pypyr.steps.contextcopy or pypyr.steps.default.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: pypyr.steps.assert now raises an AssertionError rather than a ContextError. Ref #188.
  • The cli now defaults to a simplified log format that is way less noisy. If you still want the full, old style logs, run pypyr with --log 25 set explicitly. pypyr my pipe --log 25. Ref #187
    • description decorator output also simplified to echo only your actual custom text.
  • Failure Handlers now support Stop instructions. This allows you to exit the failure handler reporting success, so pypyr can report success if you consider the error condition handled. Ref #175.
  • pypyr.steps.contextset renamed pypyr.steps.contextcopy. The old name will keep on working, but with a deprecation warning. Ref #184.
  • internal: improvements to integration testing error reporting.

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Released by yaythomas.

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