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Release Date: 2020-10-30T00:27:59Z

  • python 3.9 compatibility officially confirmed & enforced in CI. All good. Woo! 🎉
  • New Flat ff and Recursive rf formatting specifiers. #195
    • Check recursive vs flat format expressions for full documentation.
    • Maintain backwards compatibility for all current formatting functionality.
    • The get_formatted_string, get_formatted_iterable & get_processed_string methods on Context() are now all deprecated. Use get_formatted_value instead. All of the deprecated functions will keep on working as before, but will print a WARN to the output.
    • get_formatted and get_formatted_value remain the official best ways of getting formatted values.
  • New !jsonify yaml special tag directive. This converts a context object to a json string. #197.
  • New pypyr.steps.jsonparse step. Parse and deserialise a json string into Context. #199
  • Bare pypyr.steps.assert syntax. #196
  • Minor api improvements unlikely to be of interest except for the very enthusiastic
    • Add new utils.asserts for extra flexibility with nested key validation.
    • PyStrings optimized. Not so that you’d notice, but still, it’ll be a smidge faster.
  • Friendlier error messages when yaml/json context parsers reject documents that do NOT have a mapping at root.
  • Update pypyr-aws release 1.2.0 to work with new ff/rf formatting functionality.
  • pypyr-slack python 3.9 compatibility officially confirmed & included in CI. No release necessary.

You can find pypyr release v4.2.0 on github, where you can click through to associated Issues, Pull Requests and Users.

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