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Release Date: 2021-10-06T11:20:21Z

  • contextsetf now has a simpler, shorter alias set.
    • The old, longer form contextsetf will keep on working, so you don’t HAVE to change your pipelines.
    • But hopefully the new shorter set syntax saves you some typing in the future!
  • Create lists & append items to it with pypyr.steps.append
  • Create sets & add items to it with pypyr.steps.add
  • Since Python 3.6 security updates end 12/21, pypyr now only officially checks compatibility only for Python >=3.7.
    • Python 3.6 should keep on working as before, because there isn’t (currently) particularly anything that would fail on Python 3.6.
    • But please be aware that as of now new releases won’t guarantee Python 3.6 compatibility.

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If you want to upgrade (and you totally should!):

$ pip install --upgrade pypyr

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You can find pypyr release v4.6.0 on github, where you can click through to associated Issues, Pull Requests and Users.

Released by yaythomas.

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