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Release Date: 2022-02-19T18:41:22Z

  • pypyr is now configurable with yaml or pyproject.toml! See pypyr config for details.
    • You can now use variables from a config file like pyproject.toml in your pipeline with pypyr.steps.configvars.
  • You can now explicitly over-ride the default system encoding on any filesystem operations.
    • On the steps with in and out files, you can seamlessly convert between different encodings - so you can have an input file in one encoding, and the output file in another.
  • New pypyr.steps.python step to get the full path to the Python executable in the current environment.
    • This is handy when you’re inside a virtual environment and you want to run Python as a sub-process.
  • Although pypyr has always been compatible with Windows for end-users, the automated unit test suite now runs on Windows natively also, whereas before pypyr core contributors on Windows needed to use WSL to do build verification.

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If you want to upgrade (and you totally should!):

$ pip install --upgrade pypyr

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You can find pypyr release v5.2.0 on github, where you can click through to associated Issues, Pull Requests and Users.

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