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Release Date: 2022-10-20T15:00:13Z

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  • New switch step for IF-ELSE style branching in your pipelines!
  • New argskwargs parser to combine plain args and key-value pairs (key=value) from the cli.
  • keyvaluepairs and dict parsers now support having = in the value, so you can have key=one+one=two parse to {'key': 'one+one=two'}
    • these parsers now also support passing args with no =, in which case arg1 becomes {'arg1': ''}

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Full Changelog:

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If you want to upgrade (and you totally should!):

$ pip install --upgrade pypyr

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You can find pypyr release v5.7.0 on github, where you can click through to associated Issues, Pull Requests and Users.

Released by yaythomas.

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